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This course is for both beginners and experienced users and makes it easy to learn Lightroom at your own pace. Explore this powerful image management system for improving and organizing your digital files. Learn Lightroom for free with this 8-week course from Nicole S. . This Adobe authorised Premiere Pro course is designed to enable you to get your message across with maximum impact using the powerful and flexible video editing capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Lightroom is the world’s most used software for professional photographer’s. Adobe Lightroom Editing WorkshopSydney Editing Workshop (Lightroom) Perfect for beginners! Learn how to select, edit and enhance your best travel photos. That means you can get started with your study sooner, getting you on the right track to boost your career options. When it comes to producing eLearning projects, Adobe Captivate is regarded as an industry standard. Maximize the impact of your photographic images using Adobe Lightroom. What you will learn from this workshop is that Adobe Photoshop is a powerful imaging program which is not hard to use. Captivate empowers you to create responsive, interactive eLearning and mLearning including demonstrations, simulations, scenario-based training, interactive tutorials and quizzes, all without the need for programming. Our range of workshop tutorials cover topics such as the basics of flight safety to camera settings and even post processing software like Final Cut, Premier Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop. The courses are designed for those getting into flying or photography with no prior experience in both. In addition to courses that commence each term, South Metropolitan TAFE has a range of shorter courses that take ongoing enrolments. Learn the two most powerful modules of the Lightroom program: the Library Module and the Develop Module. No more super long videos! The bite-sized "two minute tips" style of teaching will ensure you don't waste any time. Short courses are a great way to pick up new skills for professional and personal development. Young. Learn how to best utilise Premiere Pro for your video editing projects for social media, Photography courses, photography workshops, digital photography courses, beginner photography courses, advanced photography courses, photography courses in Australia, Travel Photography courses, On-line and on-location real estate and architecture course, portrait photography course, wildlife and nature photography course, Lightroom courses, night photography courses, DSLR photography courses Photoshop Skills for Digital Imaging Mastery of Photo Shop is essential for getting the ultimate from your photography and your best fine-art images for exhibition, competition or books

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