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I own a company in the UK, which trades e-services at Greek customers (selling video subscriptions). In case I am asked to fill a double taxation avoidance form, do …I don't know anything about Greece taxation, but the UK-Greece tax treaty is some 60+ years old. The principles of double taxation relief and lists of all countries with which the UK has a double taxation agreement when income is earned in the UK by a non-resident. Your tax residence is subject to a residence test from 06 April 2013. Greece. Last modification 02. Form . Annual claim to refund of income tax (PDF, 224 kB, GR-E230 (gr/fr) (PDF, 121 kB, 06. 05. Forms Foreign tax at source; Greece; Context sidebar. As regards the UK: 1. If you have problems opening the pdf document or viewing pages, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You could take the test here, which will give you an idea as to how it works. . 2. Double tax treaties are agreement signed between two countries in order to avoid the taxation of the same income in Greece and in the country where the entrepreneur resides. Back to overview Foreign tax at source. The complete texts of the following tax treaty documents are available in Adobe PDF format. For further information on tax treaties refer also to the Treasury Department's Tax Treaty Documents page. The application of the double tax treaties in Greece is based on a procedure adopted in 1985 by the Greek Minister of Finance, called Tax-Refund system. 10. 2016) Claim for the application of the double taxation convention. I am the only person in my company and i hold 100% of its shares. According to it, in order to beneficiate from the double tax Tax Registers, Tax identity number (NIF) and tax address "Healthcare cent" tax:refund and pecuniary responsibility; Electronic certificates; Tax certificates; Download help programmes; Civic tax education; Local AuthoritiesWithholding and Agreements Procedure; Public employment; Statistics; Non-resident taxation; Information leaflets You are subject to tax for your income acquired in Greece in a given tax year. If during the tax year you acquire income from abroad while being a tax resident in Greece, you should pay tax on that income reduced by the amount of tax paid abroad for this income. Income from other EU countries? Check that you never pay tax twice on the same income. Documents required for submission to the tax authorities in Greece by individual persons that are USA tax of Tax Residency must be submitted to their Tax Office in Greece along with the “Claim for the Application of the Double Taxation Convention between Greece and the individual persons/US tax payers can submit: a. Contact a specialist Anticipatory Tax. UK/GREECE DOUBLE TAXATION CONVENTION SIGNED 25 JUNE 1953 Entered into force 15 January 1954 Effective in the United Kingdom from 6 April 1951 for surtax, from 1 April 1952 for profits tax and from 6 April 1952 for income tax Effective in Greece from 1 March 1951 for corporation tax and from 1 July 1952 for other provisionsI'm living in Greece for 90% of the year. 2018

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