Teeth whitening trays and gel

What makes this method so effective is the use of a custom-fitted tray that delivers the whitening gel evenly to the teeth, unlike strips, which can get bleaching solution on your gums and lips. Remineralising Gel | Teeth whitening Gels UK By Prowhitesmile. Afterwards, you will be asked to apply the whitening gel for a specific period of time covering from 2 to 4 weeks. At the second, you will be given the trays to take home and the whitening gel which you will need to add to the whitening tray. Whitening Gel Gel can be used in conjunction with custom-made trays that are made for you. You will experience brighter and whiter teeth in a shorter period of time. Mainly because it requires so little wear time over teeth. Tooth remineralisation is a naturally occurring process in the oral cavity. Fast become a sought after whitening gel. . It’s why most dental offices use whitening gel in comparison to other treatments available. This prevents the gel from coming out of the trays while keeping saliva out. More expensive options usually have stronger gel, better quality ingredients, or more components included. Get in touch with WSD Labs USA to order teeth whitening trays in bulk. Some types and concentrations of whitening gels can remain on your teeth for up to 8 hours a time. 3) Gel - Once the mouthpiece is firm, place a small amount of whitening gel in the upper and lower mouth trays. 44% 1) Wash - Place your mouthpiece in hot water for around 10 seconds. At-home teeth whitening uses professional-strength gel in custom-fitted mouth trays to produce the highest levels of tooth color change. To perform treatments, the user places whitening gel in the trays and then seats them over their teeth. Also referred to as "tray whitening," this method uses custom trays based on a mold of your mouth with a carbamide peroxide gel at night while you sleep. The trays are then worn for a prescribed period of time (often multiple hours per day, or else overnight), for a series of days or weeks, as the effects of the whitening process gradually take place. The custom whitening trays, when made by a dentist, will last for many years, and then refills of the gel are purchased as needed to maintain a beautiful white smile. Find a large variety of teeth whitening trays and retainer cases for shiny looking and beautiful teeth. Achieve your most extreme whitest teeth in record time - Just 15 minutes and you're done! 44% Carbamide peroxide in a thick viscous gel to ensure the gel stays close to your tooth's surface teeth to deliver your whitest brightest teeth. 2) Mould - Place mouthpiece in your mouth while soft and mould to your teeth - do so by lightly using your fingers and tongue to push the mouthpiece tight around your upper and lower teeth. Most teeth whitening kits cost £15 – £50 in the UK. Remineralising Gel, also known as Remineralization Gel it is a product that revitalizes and desensitize enamel after teeth whitening or after tooth demineralization. They are much cheaper than visiting a dentist, and offer the added benefit of allowing you to do your teeth whitening at home, when it suits you

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